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Conference Programme

Conference Day One | Wednesday 27th September 2017

Registration and refreshments

Opening address from the Chair
Christoph Brunner, President of it4power& Convenor of IEC TC57 WG10

Multi-Vendor Multi-Edition Deployment - reviewing lessons learnt from multi-vendor multi-edition implementations, and identifying new end-user requirements in the drive toward large-scale IEC 61850 deployments
  • Determining utility requirements of multi-vendor multi-edition IEC 61850 systems in transmission and distribution environments
  • Evaluating the suitability of Edition 2 products on the market and how well they are meeting utility requirements
  • Effectively working with suppliers to ensure long term availability and support for Edition 2 products
  • Optimising the engineering and testing procedures to ensure the robust set up of new, refurbished and expanded IEC 61850 infrastructures
  • Fine tuning the operations and maintenance of multi-vendor multi-edition systems
  • Implementing effective cyber-security strategies and solutions for next generation IEC 61850 systems within the substation and beyond
  • Enforcing a high-impact training programme to rapidly upskill existing and new maintenance staff
Abhay Kumar , Deputy General Manager, Engineering Substations - Power Grid Corporation of India
Chandra Prakash Awasthi Manager, Technology Development - Power Grid Corporation of India

TC57 WG10 Update - evaluating how gaps in Edition 2 are being addressed and the progress toward Editions 2.1 and 3
  • Updating on the Edition 2 implementation landscape and understanding how utilities and suppliers are working together to drive the deployment of next generation systems Evaluating the latest working group developments with:
    • Engineering process
    • HMI configuration
    • Modbus mapping
    • IED Redundancy
    • Alarm handling
    • Logic modelling
  • Reviewing progress being made with cyber-security and NERC-CIP; to what extent can this be leveraged in Europe?
  • Reviewing global implementations of IEC 61850 and identifying lessons for European utilities
Christoph Brunner, President of it4power& Convenor of IEC TC57 WG10

ENTSO-E Update - evaluating the implications of the latest ENTSO-E activity in supporting end-user adoption of IEC 61850
  • Examining how work on the ENTSO-E profile is progressing and the implications for end-users and suppliers of IEC 61850 systems
  • Determining how the protection function is being more fully addressed
  • Evaluating the latest developments in the engineering process, IED modelling, and deploying IEC 61850 cross the wider smart grid
Grégory Huon, Head of Engineering Methods Governance & Group IEC 61850 Convenor ENTSO-E - Elia

Future-Proofed Design - creating highly-functional cost-effective design concepts for new, refurbished, and expanded substations
  • Identifying the most critical design criteria for next generation transmission and distribution substations
  • Creating a high functionality, low complexity, future proofed design concept that replicates with ease in the drive for speedy deployment
  • Working around multi-vendor multi-edition constraints for new, refurbished, and expanded substations
  • Building in cyber-security at the outset and ensuring effective upgrading as systems are expanded
  • Developing a design that ensures ease of engineering, testing, operations and maintenance
  • Leveraging 3rd party tools to maximise design effectiveness
Chen Dehui, Division Chief for International Organisation - State Grid Corporation of China

Morning refreshments, networking and exhibition

Specification Writing - accurately defining end-user requirements to drive vendor support and delivery of cost-effective, future-proofed, multi-vendor, multi-edition IEC 61850 systems
  • Identifying current blocks to effective specification writing for large and small utilities, in single and multiple territories
  • Developing a specification framework that provides the right level of utility detail and direction whilst allowing room for supplier expertise to be leveraged
  • Specification in top down versus bottom up engineering
  • Specifying the right level of system functionality for multi-vendor, multi-edition systems
  • Effectively specifying cyber-security, redundancy and interlocking requirements and ensuring its long-term effectiveness
Bruno Miguel Soares, Researcher, Substation of the Future - R&D Nester

Engineering Process - simplifying the engineering process to ensure cost and time efficiency in the configuration of complex multi-vendor, multi-edition IEC 61850 systems
  • Determining the challenges impeding the effective engineering of multi-vendor, multi-edition systems within the substation, inter-substation, and to the control room
  • Comparing the specific engineering requirements of offshore wind farms
  • Understanding the pros and cons of a top-down engineering process compared with a bottom-up approach and identifying the optimal ways to leverage these
  • Managing special requirements such as GOOSE application and operational tripping schemes
  • Evaluating how the latest standardisation activity is boosting engineering process effectiveness
  • Reducing the time and cost of engineering complex multi-vendor, multi-edition systems
  • Ensuring the seamless integration of the engineering process with the operations and maintenance procedures
  • Leveraging the latest 3rd party tools on the market to optimise the engineering of multi-vendor, multi-edition systems
Saeed Nemati Yarafi , SCADA Control Engineer - DONG Energy Wind Power

Engineering Configuration Tools - leveraging the latest engineering tools to effectively implement a multi-vendor IEC 61850 system within legacy networks|
  • Overcoming the challenges of achieving convergence of IEC 61850 systems with legacy control systems
  • Establishing a framework to support seamless interoperability of IEC 61850 devices from multiple vendors
  • Creating a standardised configuration tool to support:
    • Transformation of old databases into new IEC 61850 one
    • Incorporating field force feedback into system development
    • Robust back up of primary substation configuration
  • Establishing a roadmap for the long-term development of the configuration tool to support multi-edition IEC 61850 systems
María Avery Fernández, Head of SDC HV Remote Control and Protection Devices Solutions - Network Technology Iberia - Endesa

Unified Configuration & Documentation - effectively pooling information from multiple departments, keeping it updated and ensuring clear and easy to apply instrapplying a unified configuration and documentation approach to the engineering and operation of multi-vendor multi-edition IEC 61850 systems
  • Examining the increased complexity of multi-vendor multi-edition systems and their implication for the configuration and documentation process
  • Determining the optimal application of unified configuration and documentation tools
  • Utilising state-of-the-art configuration and documentation tools to speed up the implementation process
  • Assessing how standardisation can further support the engineering and documentation processes to ensure seamless operation and maintenance
  • Describing how configuration management is a natural extension of remote engineering access and password management
  • Integrating legacy device configurations with IEC-61850 SCL
  • Enhancing substation device situational awareness and configuration management with device active monitoring
Anthony Eshpeter, Chief Technology Officer - SUBNET Solutions

Lunch, exhibits & networking

Operations & Maintenance - facilitating condition based and predictive maintenance to support cost-efficient operation and maximum life-cycle of next generation IEC 61850 systems
  • Determining the operations and maintenance challenges associated with multi-vendor multi-edition IEC 61850 systems
  • Ensuring effective fault location, isolation and restoration in increasingly complex systems
  • Making the business case for migrating from scheduled maintenance to condition based and predictive maintenance of IEC 61850 systems
  • Up-skilling maintenance staff to effectively handle multi-vendor multi-edition systems
  • Ensuring that cyber-security is effectively factored into maintenance procedures
David MacDonald, System Monitoring Lead Engineer - Iberdrola

Device Management - enabling remote patch, update and configuration management of IEC 61850 systems
  • Determining the drivers for remote device management of IEC 61850 systems as the number of devices increases in line with EV deployment and low voltage monitoring
  • Leveraging device management to ensure effective:
  • Configuration of operational data for grid topology, protection and PLC parameters
  • Software management of automation equipment
  • Supervising the smooth running of the system
  • Maintaining the system through predictive analysis and maintenance actions
  • Asset management and maintenance
  • Understanding how standardisation is developing to support the effective multi-vendor device management
Thierry Coste, Project Manager, Research Engineer - EDF R&D

Device Testing - developing an internal IEC 61850 product acceptance process to ensure high levels of interoperability and system reliability
  • Examining the drivers for developing an inhouse product acceptance process
  • Building a platform that accurately verifies the interoperability aspects of devices before they are installed into the system
  • Identifying the most critical tests to carry out and measuring their impact on system performance and costs
Damir Karagic, Managing Director - Grid Software

Afternoon refreshments, exhibits & networking

Training & Development - optimising the training and development of IEC 61850 maintenance staff to ensure efficient handling of multi-vendor multi-edition systems
  • Identifying the challenges associated with upskilling existing substation maintenance staff
  • Establishing a framework for the in-depth yet speedy transfer of IEC 61850 to maintenance staff
  • Leveraging impactful external training programmes and re-enforcing with ongoing internal training
  • Simplifying the IEC 61850 standard to ensure ease of understanding for maintenance staff
  • Enabling advanced and autonomous problem solving by maintenance staff
  • Performance managing to ensure ongoing maintenance efficiency and safety
Javier Figuera Pozuelo, Engineer - Red Eléctrica de España

GOOSE Messaging - preserving the functionality of GOOSE Messaging in the maintenance of multi-vendor multi-edition IEC 61850 systems
  • Evaluating the latest progress with GOOSE Messaging for time-critical communication in complex multi-vendor multi-edition systems
  • Multi-vendor end-to-end test environment: client - server and GOOSE communication
  • Effectively configuring, documenting and testing GOOSE Messages
  • Overcoming the challenges of ensuring GOOSE Messaging effectiveness during maintenance
Dieter Binon, Team Leader Substation Automation - Eandis

Microgrids - applying IEC 61850 in the control of street lights and microgrids
  • Identifying the drivers and benefits of applying IEC 61850 to control street lights and microgrids both for the utility and the end consumer
  • Overcoming the challenges of utilising IEC 61850 in CDMA based telecom networks
  • Understanding how IEC 61850 logical nodes can be seamlessly extended for innovative use cases
  • Managing the cyber security challenges introduced by IEC 61850
  • Determining the roadmap for scaling up the street light application supported by the Open Smart Grid Platform
Sander Jansen, Data Architect - Alliander
Jonas van den Bogaard, IT Architect - Smart Society Services

Roundtable discussions - during this 90-minute session the audience splits into several smaller working groups, each focused on a specific theme arising from the day’s presentations. This is the ideal opportunity to bring your specific IEC 61850 challenges to the table and brainstorm solutions with the IEC 61850 ecosystem. At the end of the session each working group will feed back a summary of their discussions and recommendations to the wider audience.

Networking Reception - take this opportunity to relax and unwind with colleagues from across the European IEC 61850 ecosystem. The ideal opportunity to catch up with existing acquaintances, make important new contacts, and round off an intensive day of presentations and discussions in a relaxed and informal setting.

Close of conference day one

Conference Day Two | Thursday 28th September 2017

Registration and refreshments

Welcome back from the Chair
Grégory Huon, Head of Engineering Methods Governance & Group IEC 61850 Convenor ENTSO-E- Elia

Process Bus – overcoming the complexity of process bus adoption to drive down design, implementation and operation costs
  • Examining the business benefits and drivers for adopting the process bus
  • Optimising the design and architecture to ensure long term viability
  • Evaluating experiences with the implementation of the process bus in new and refurbished HV substations and the implications for MV substations
  • Overcoming the technical challenges when implementing the process bus:
    • Reliability
    • Time synchronisation between devices
    • Cyber-security
    • Measurement accuracy
  • Establishing testing procedures to support process bus implementation
Alex Apostolov, Principal Engineer at OMICRON & Editor-in-chief at PAC World Magazine

Vendor-Independent Testing Tools – evaluating the effectiveness of state-of-the-art 3rd party tools to support the design, engineering, testing and operation of next generation IEC 61850 systems
  • Benchmarking the performance of the top 3rd party tools for the design, engineering, testing and operation of multi-vendor, multi-edition IEC 61850 systems
  • Identifying existing glitches in tool performance and determining how these can be overcome in practice
  • Evaluating how standardisation activity is guiding the development of higher performance next generation vendor-independent tools
  • Leveraging tools that effectively manage the end-to-end design, installation, operation and maintenance procedures
Fred Steinhauser, Business Development Power Utility Communication - OMICRON
Jürgen Resch, Industry Manager Energy - COPADATA
Joe Stevens, Marketing Manager - Triangle MicroWorks
Dean Ouellette, Manager, Protection & Automation - RTDS Technologies

Each speaker will give a 15 minute presentation and there will be 30 minutes at the end for Q&A and panel discussion

Morning refreshments, exhibits & networking

Cyber-Security Advancements – evaluating the effectiveness of utility cyber-security strategies to support large-scale multi-vendor multi-edition IEC 61850 deployments
  • Identifying the most critical points of vulnerability in IEC 61850 systems
  • Determining how IEC 61850 is being developed to better support cyber-security management
  • Evaluating the latest embedded and bolt-on technology innovations to ensure cyber-secure IEC 61850 infrastructures
  • Managing the cyber-security complexities of multi-vendor multi-edition IEC 61850 systems
  • Devising a roadmap for the continuous and long term security of IEC 61850 systems
(Speaker to be confirmed)

Cyber-Security Panel – devising a robust cyber-security strategy to guard against emerging attacks on IEC 61850 enabled infrastructures
  • Establishing the key points of vulnerability in IEC 61850 enabled substations and associated infrastructures
  • Understanding how Edition 2 more comprehensively protects substation assets
  • Determining the risks and solutions associated with IP/Ethernet communications infrastructure
  • Evaluating the impact of cyber-security on engineering tools and procedures
  • Striking the balance between security and functionality in the large-scale deployment of IEC 61850 enabled substations
Frank Hohlbaum , Cyber Security Manager Grid Automation - ABB
Cédric Harispuru , Product Manager - Siemens
Adam Gauci , Cyber Security Programme Manager - Schneider Electric
Stephan Hutterer , Product Manager Cyber Security - Sprecher Automation

Each speaker will give a 15 minute presentation and there will be 30 minutes at the end for Q&A and panel discussion

Lunch, exhibits & networking

PRP & HSR – adopting state-of-the-art redundancy technologies to support high availability in IEC 61850 systems
  • Clarifying the similarities and differences between PRP & HSR and determining their optimal implementation into a variety of network topologies
  • Quantifying the benefits of implementing PRP & HSR and identifying their introduction into multi-vendor multi-edition systems
  • Overcoming the challenges of maintaining a PRP & HSR enabled system in the long term
Priyanka Mohapatra, Senior Project Manager - SP Energy Networks

Time Synchronisation – implementing advanced time synchronisation technologies to support the efficiency of time-sensitive applications in IEC 61850 systems
  • Evaluating lessons learnt from a practical implementation of time synchronisation in an IEC 61850 system
  • Understanding the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) standard and its nuances
  • Examining the IEC 61850 system vulnerabilities created by dependency on time synchronisation
  • Understanding the time synchronisation challenges of mixing old and new devices in IEC 61850 enabled substations
  • Determining the most functional and cost-effective way of driving time synchronisation in next generation IEC 61850 enabled systems
  • Overcoming the maintenance challenges for advanced time synchronisation
Manuel Pimenta, Senior Engineer, Con Edison

Interoperability Testing – achieving high levels of testing accuracy for multi-vendor multi-edition IEC 61850 systems
  • Examining the pitfalls of Factory Acceptance Tests for completely new IEC 61850 systems and understanding how these are being addressed
  • Compensating for limited information on network setup, design, administration and implementation
  • Identifying and prioritising the most effectives tests to include in an FAT to ensure a technically robust and cost-effective implementation and operation
Peter Pfisterer, Head of COP Laboratory & Smart Grid Protocol Expert, TÜV SÜD

Afternoon refreshments, exhibits & networking

Substation to Control Centre – ensuring the effective interworking of IEC 61850 and CIM to ensure the smooth flow of information from the substation to the control room
  • Examining the drivers for extending IEC 61850 to the control centre and determining the cost and technical performance benefits
    • The need of gateways
    • Configuration
    • Increasing amount of data
    • Saving data semantics
  • Comparing the suitability of IEC 61850 for the control centre environment with other protocols such as IEC 60870-5-104
  • Evaluating the implications of IEC 61850 for existing SCADA infrastructure and how these would need to be adapted to fully support IEC 61850
  • Determining the optimal implementation of IPv6 to support substation to control room communication
René Troost, AM Grid Strategist, Stedin
Bas Mulder, Senior Consultant, DNV GL

DER – leveraging IEC 61850 for the seamless and cost-effective integration of DER into the power system
  • Identifying the challenges associated with integrating large volumes of DER into the power system
  • Determining how IEC 61850 can ease full integration of a variety of DER and ensure cost-efficiency for all parties
  • Lessons learnt from DER integration using IEC 61850 for communication with DSOs, TSOs and European level aggregators with Virtual Power Plants
  • Evaluating IEC 61850 and IEC 61400-25 industrial applications for DER integrations
Peng Li, Project Manager of SCADA and EE R&D Team - Engie Green
Frank R. Goodman, SDG&E Team Lead -San Diego Gas & Electric Company

Each speaker will give a 30 minute presentation independently

Closing remarks from the chair and end of conference

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