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Speaker Biographies

(in order of appearance)

Christoph Brunner
President of
& Convenor of

Christoph Brunner graduated as an electrical engineer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in 1983. He is a Utility Industry professional with over 25 years of industry experience with both knowledge across several areas within the Utility Industry and of technologies from the Automation Industry. He is president of it4power in Switzerland, a consulting company to the power industry. He has worked as a project manager at ABB Switzerland Ltd in the business area Power Technology Products in Zurich / Switzerland where he was responsible for the process close communication architecture of the substation automation system. He is convenor of the working group (WG) 10 of the IEC TC57 and member of WG 17, 18 and 19 of IEC TC57. He is IEEE Fellow, member of IEEE-PES and IEEE-SA. He is active in several working groups of the IEEE-PSRC (Power Engineering Society – Relay Committee) and member of the PSRC main committee and the subcommittee H. He is international advisor to the board of the UCA international users group.

Grégory Huon
Head of Engineering Methods Governance & Group IEC 61850 Convenor ENTSO-E

Grégory Huon was born in 1977. He received degrees of Master of Engineering (Electrical engineering, Institut Supérieur Industriel de Mons, Belgium – 2000) and Master of Science (IT and Management, Faculté Polytechnique de Mons, Belgium – 2003). Grégory began his career in the Transmission field in 2000. After an experience as Project Leader (2001-2006) and Team Leader (2006-2008) in infrastructure projects, Gregory was between 2008 and 2012 head of Secondary Systems department (technical governance & expertise level) within Elia TSO in Belgium. Since 2013 Grégory is responsible for the infrastructure replacement projects – primary and secondary systems – for the Elia network in Belgium. Grégory is specialised in infrastructure project management, asset management and secondary systems expertise. Grégory published recently different papers regarding Elia’s strategy over IEC61850 standard implementation and leads the ENTSO-E Task Force on IEC61850 standard and the Cigré Working Group B5.50 “IEC 61850 Based Substation Automation Systems – Users Expectations and Stakeholders Interactions”.

Abhay Kumar
Deputy General Manager, Engineering Substations
Power Grid Corporation of India

Sh. Abhay Kumar is currently working as DGM with POWERGRID in Corporate engineering dept. he has been with POWERGRID Since 1994 and served POWERGRID in various capacities in India & abroad. His area of Interest includes substation protection & automation system and FACTS technologies. He is associated with the design and engg. Of control, protection & automation system of EHV substations and engineering of SVC and STATCOM stations. He is a Senior member of IEEE and member of CIGRE national committee B5 on protection and automation. He is electrical engg. Graduate from BIT Sindri.

Chandra Prakash Awasthi
Manager, Technology Development
Power Grid Corporation of India

CP Awasthi is presently working as Manager in Technology Development department, POWERGRID Corporation of India Ltd. Graduated in Electrical Engineering from National Institute of Technology Raipur in 2003 and joined POWERGRID in 2004. Was involved in construction testing & commissioning of two Greenfield substations of 400 kV & 765 kV level, which had IEC 61850 systems. For the last ten years, have actively been associated with testing & commissioning of IEC 61850 systems at various substations across India. Commissioned the pilot project on Process Bus SAS at 400 kV level in Powergrid, India. He has been associated in resolution of various engineering and implementation issues of IEC 61850 systems.

Chen Dehui
Division Chief for International Organisation
State Grid Corporation of China

Dehui CHEN, Senior Engineer, was born in 1977, and received degrees both in electrical engineering and telecommunications. Now, as an expert in relay protection and substation automation, he is working for State Grid Electric Power Research and Institute, also the same with NARI Group Corporation, subsidiaries of State Grid Corporation of China. From 1998, nearly 20 years, he has been engaged in research and development involved in protective relays, digital substation and smart substation, etc. Many achievements had already been achieved during his professional work. Currently, he is in responsible for international organizations of the company. He is also a member of some organizations, such as the IEC/TC57/WG10, CIGRE B5.

Bruno Miguel Soares
Researcher, Substation of the Future
R&D Nester

Bruno holds a Master Degree in Electrical and Computers Engineering in Power Systems from the Faculty of Engineering of Porto University (FE/UP). His Master Thesis was developed in Protection and Automation Systems Department of REN (Portuguese TSO) and was focused in asset management related with protection relays. Bruno worked at the FE/UP where he was Teaching Assistant in Digital Systems Laboratory until January 2015. Since September 2015, Bruno is working in R&D Nester in one of its projects, called “Substation of the Future”. The scope of this project is to develop the technical specification for the near future PAC system of transmission substations (fully IEC61850) and performing the proof-of-concept of the designed system, using a testing platform that was developed by R&D Nester, the Real-Time Power System Simulation Laboratory. Bruno works in this experimental platform, where equipment and design can be tested with real-life conditions, but without effects in power grid.

Saeed Nemati Yarafi
SCADA Control Engineer
DONG Energy Wind Power

I have a background in electrical engineering and automation and SCADA are my main interest now. Being in both contractor and employer side, I have worked in different phase of several automation projects (mainly in power generation) from tendering to commissioning. Currently, working as SCADA control engineer in Dong Energy Wind Power, I’m responsible for designing the Substation Automation System (SAS) for our offshore wind farms and IEC61850 is the core of communication in our SAS.

María Avery Fernández
Head of SDC HV Remote Control and Protection Devices Solutions, Network Technology Iberia

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering by the Pontificia of Comillas University , ICAI, in Madrid. Worked for several years in Telvent in Sevilla as Project Manager for Spanish Electric Utilities in the Remote Control and Automation Division, for Transmission, Distribution and Generation Projects. Later moved to Madrid where joined Endesa in the Standardization Area, leading the standardization of the HV Remote Control Systems in Primary Substations of Endesa Distribución. When Enel acquired Endesa, moved to the Network Technology Iberia Area where is in charge of the Solution Development Center for HV Remote Control and Protection Devices Solutions belonging to Enel Infrastructure and Networks.

Anthony Eshpeter
Chief Technology Officer
SUBNET Solutions

Anthony Eshpeter, P.Eng., is the Chief Technology Officer for SUBNET Solutions Inc., an industry leader in providing advanced software solutions that enable utilities to securely integrate and manage all of the different intelligent electronic devices they have deployed throughout their electric grid. SUBNET Unified Grid Intelligence solutions help utilities more intelligently and affordably monitor and control their electric grids by connecting the real-time information for these intelligent devices with a variety of utility business intelligence systems. Anthony has been focused on the power utility SCADA automation industry since 1999. His experience includes the design and development of data communication gateways, the management of software projects, applications and tools development, and involvement in utility standards.

David MacDonald
System Monitoring Lead Engineer

David works for Iberdrola Distribucion, a leading distribution network operator in Spain and early adopter of substation automation systems. His role is to provide technical and asset management support to the Protection team, where he specializes in disturbance analysis and is also involved in the standardization of IEC 61850 across the business. He received his MEng degree in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, from the University of Strathclyde, before joining Scottish Power in 2009 and consequently Iberdrola Distribucion in 2012.

Thierry Coste
Project Manager, Research Engineer

Thierry Coste joined EDF in 1985 and has worked in different distribution areas, such as, substation automation system, telecommunication and control centre applications. He joined EDF R&D as research Engineer in 1999 in charge of the specification and integration of the new DSO substation automation system. He has been involved in several ICT European projects : FENIX, ADDRESS, OPENNODE. Member of the WG10 and WG17 of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC TC57). He has a degree of Electrical Engineering and Industrial computing. He is currently Research Engineer and Project manager in Network Automation Systems at EDF R&D.

Javier Figuera Pozuelo
Red Eléctrica de España

Javier Figuera Pozuelo (Madrid, 1976) finished his studies of Engineering on Industrial Applications (specialized in Electricity) in 2001 from Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain. He has been working in the Spanish TSO (Red Eléctrica de España) since 2.001. He worked as Project Engineer in Substation Engineering Department as a Protection and Control (P&C) specialist (2007-2013). Since 2013 he joined as Engineer to the Technological Development Division, in the Design Department leading P&C standardization processes. He has carried out the engineering of new and refurbishment of High Voltage Substations, and has been involved in some R&D projects mainly related with new technologies (IEC61850, WAMPAC, etc.) He’s been very active in different CIGRE WG’s within B3 and B5.

Dieter Binon
Team Leader Substation Automation

Dieter Binon began working for Eandis in 2009 as a project engineer. After that he continued his career as a study engineer new technologies for smart grid applications until 2012. In this field he focused on the substation automation using protocols like IEC61850 and IEC60870-5-104. In this laboratory the first tests were executed to see how Eandis could use, integrate and benefit from these new generation protocols. In 2013 he became Team leader substation automation and was able to apply the gained study experience to an operational environment. Together with his team, he is responsible for the substation automation architecture, configuration standards, training and second line support.

Alex Apostolov
Principal Engineer at
& Editor-in-chief at
PAC World Magazine

Alexander Apostolov received MS degree in Electrical Engineering, MS in Applied Mathematics and Ph.D. from the Technical University in Sofia, Bulgaria. He has more than 35 years experience in power systems protection, automation, control and communications. He is presently Principal Engineer for OMICRON electronics in Los Angeles, CA. He is IEEE Fellow and Member of the Power Systems Relaying Committee and Substations C0 Subcommittee. He is the past Chairman of the Relay Communications Subcommittee, serves on many IEEE PES and CIGRE B5 Working Groups. He is member of IEC TC57 and Convener of CIGRE WG B5.27 ”Implications and Benefits of Standardised Protection Schemes”. He holds four patents and has authored and presented more than 400 technical papers. He is IEEE Distinguished Lecturer. He is Editor-in-Chief of PAC World.

Fred Steinhauser
Business Development Power Utility Communication

Fred Steinhauser was born in Austria. He studied Electrical Engineering at the Vienna University of Technology, where he obtained his diploma in 1986 and received a Dr. of Technical Sciences in 1991. In 1998 he joined OMICRON, where he worked on several aspects of testing power system protection. Since 2000 he worked as a product manager with a focus on substation communication. Since 2014 he is responsible for Power Utility Communication business of OMICRON. Fred Steinhauser is a member of WG10 in the TC57 of the IEC and contributes the standard IEC 61850. He is one of the main authors of the UCA Implementation Guideline for Sampled Values (9-2LE). As a member of CIGRÉ he is active within the scope of SC B5. He also contributed to the synchrophasor standards IEEE C37.118.1 and IEEE C37.118.2

Jürgen Resch
Industry Manager Energy

Ing. Jürgen Resch (1974) graduated from the HTBLA [Higher Technical School of Engineering] Saalfelden, Electrical Engineering Department. He started his career at the ÖBB [Austrian Federal Railways] in the Power Plants Division, where he was responsible for the execution of power plant automation projects. After this, he worked for FREQUENTIS GmbH as a Product Manager for telecommunication equipment for railroads. Since 2003, Mr. Resch has been employed by Ing. Punzenberger COPA-DATA GmbH and occupies the role of Industry Manager Energy there. He manages a team that is responsible for product expansion in the energy sector in an international context. Mr. Resch is a member of the Technical Subcommittee MR 57 of the OVE [Austrian Electrotechnical Association] and a lecturer at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.

Joe Stevens
Marketing Manager
Triangle MicroWorks

Joe Stevens leads the product management and marketing at Triangle MicroWorks which includes software for implementing and testing standard communication protocols. Joe helps utilities, manufacturers, and integrators find the right solutions for IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5, DNP3, ICCP/TASE.2, Modbus, and OPC communications. Prior to Triangle MicroWorks, Joe worked on demand response and metering solutions at Siemens and designed communication hardware at IBM. Joe graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology and Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina.

Dean Ouellette
Manager, Protection & Automation
RTDS Technologies

Dean Ouellette graduated from Red River Community College in Manitoba, Canada with a diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology in 1986. His employment experience includes Manitoba Hydro, British Columbia Hydro, Schweitzer Engineering Labs, NxtPhase T&D and RTDS Technologies Inc. Dean is currently the Manager for Protection and Automation products at RTDS and is an active participant in IEEE/PSRC working groups and standards development.

Cédric Harispuru
Product Manager

Cédric Harispuru graduated as an electrical engineer at Supélec (France) and TU Darmstadt (Germany). He joined Siemens AG in 2006. After experiences as substation engineer in TSO projects, as technical consultant for substation systems worldwide and then for IEC 61850 products, he is now working as Product Manager for IEC 61850. For the Digital Grid product portfolio, he is responsible for the communication functionalities as well as for the engineering of IEDs. He is member of several international standardization activities (IEC TC57 WG10 and UCA testing committee) and actively participated in interoperability testing events.

Adam Gauci
Cyber Security Programme Manager
Schneider Electric

Adam F. Gauci was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and received a Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering from Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario. His previous work experience includes Hydro One Networks as a Protection and Control Engineer and Cooper Power Systems as a Field Application Engineer. Currently he is working with Schneider Electric and responsible for program management for Cyber Security for critical infrastructure solutions, based in Montpellier, France.

Stephan Hutterer
Product Manager Cyber Security
Sprecher Automation

DI Dr. Stephan Hutterer graduated in Automation Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Wels in 2009, and finished his doctoral studies in informatics with distinction at the Johannes Kepler University Linz in 2013. During his research career he focused on information and communication technologies in smart grids and generally power systems. Since 2014 he is with Sprecher Automation where he led several research and development projects in the software area. Since 2016 he is the responsible product manager for cybersecurity.

Frank Hohlbaum
Cyber Security Manager Grid Automation

Frank is globally responsible for all aspects of cyber security within ABB’s Power System Substations and drives the security activities in this business unit. He is an active member of the Power System Security Council and represents the business unit Power System Substations. Frank Hohlbaum joined ABB Inc. in 1996 and has 21 years of experience in substation automation. His focus for the last 11 year were on cyber security for control systems. He graduated from University in Furtwangen (Germany) with Bachelor of Sciences concentrated in software and electrical technologies. Additionally he did post graduate studies in business administration at the University in Zurich (Switzerland).

Priyanka Mohapatra
Senior Project Manager
SP Energy Networks

Prior to joining SPEN, Priyanka was working with Siemens AG for 8 years. She started at Siemens Ltd India as an electrical engineer. She then moved on to Siemens AG Global R&D in Germany working as a software developer and project manager for SCADA, EMS, DMS systems. From there Priyanka worked with Siemens Protection Devices Ltd UK as a product owner and senior engineer designing and developing protection devices. Priyanka is currently working as Senior Project Manager within Future Networks department at SP Energy Networks. She is leading NIC project VISOR, FITNESS and also involved in conceptualisation of future NIC proposals. Priyanka offers considerable experience and expertise in successful delivery of transmission innovation projects. Priyanka holds a BTech in Electrical Engineering and a MSc in Renewable Energy Systems Technology, and is enthusiastic about engineering and environment.

Manuel Pimenta
Senior Engineer
Con Edison

Manny Pimenta joined Con Edison in 2012 as a Senior Engineer working with Electrical Control Systems. He has over 20 years of experience in SCADA systems having worked as a Project Engineer, Senior Applications Engineer and Applications Engineering Manager. He has also worked for 8 years in the defense industry, as a Test Systems Engineer and Engineering Team Leader where he was primarily involved in designing automated test equipment for advanced military radar and radar jamming systems. He has actively participated in the EPRI IEC 61850 Test Bed project and in EPRI’s Transmission and Substation Area Task Force. His recent projects include a complete new 61850 based integrated Substation Automation and Protection System for the East 13th Street Substation, a novel application of IEC 61850 for synchronously switching underground distribution networks in lower Manhattan, and he is lead engineer for an EMP hardened Mobile Energy Control Centre project. Manny has a BS in Electrical Engineering from NJIT and Masters in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology. Outside interests include catamaran sailing, Virtual Reality and 3D computer graphics modelling. His work in VR includes the creation of the world’s first (and still the only) fully immersive, interactive Virtual Reality simulation of the Moon.

Peter Pfisterer
Head of COP Laboratory & Smart Grid Protocol Expert

Peter Pfisterer has studied Electrical Engineering/Data- and Communication Technology at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. During his career he worked at the companies FORCE COMPUTERS GmbH, Motorola, Qimonda AG and TechSAT GmbH mainly in the test development for embedded systems with the main focus on communication protocols (e.g. Ethernet, E1/T1/J1, SS7, ATM, special Telecom bus systems, FAST). He developed test software, test benches and tested and qualified the hardware, validated and reviewed software drivers and applications. Later he was the head of the Engineering Test&Qualification department with test laboratory. Peter Pfisterer is working at TÜV SÜD at the area Smart Technologies/Communication Protocols over 6 years. He is responsible for the specification, development and maintenance of the test benches and test products. During that time, he also developed the test bench and tests for the IEC 61850 Conformance Testing for server and client IEDs, as well as for the IEC 61850 Interoperability and Integration-Integrity Testing. He is also active in national and international standardization committees, like the DKE 952.0.10, UCA and IEC TC57 WG10.

René Troost
Grid Strategist

René Troost, graduated as an Electrical Engineer, started his career in Telecommunications. He has an extended experience since ten years in the modern Substation Automation business. In 2014 René joined Stedin, the DSO in the Rotterdam / The Hague / Utrecht area of The Netherlands. René is in charge of the Substation Automation policy at Stedin and is an active member of the Dutch mirror committee of the IEC TC57 (NEC57) and the TC57 WG10 dealing with power system IED communication and associated data models. He is an expert in the domains of Protection, Automation, Control and Telecommunication and fulfilled several roles.

Bas Mulder
Senior Consultant

Mr Mulder is working as an International Business Developer, Consultant and Project Manager in the field of IEC 61850 Substation Automation together with other IEC standards like IEC 60870-5 for substation to control centre communication and CIM (IEC 61968, 61970) for control centre applications.  Mr Mulder has gained expert knowledge of IEC 61850 by developing conformance test tools and performing conformance tests for many numerous suppliers of substation automation equipment. Next to conformance testing Mr Mulder performed several international training sessions for utilities and technology providers.

Sander Jansen
Data Architect

At the Alliander IT department, Sander takes a role as data architect and is involved in the use of IEC CIM and IEC 61850. Sander had multiple positions within Alliander on the edge of electrical technology and IT/OT. Being a strong open source believer, Sander promotes the use of open source within the energy world and helps setting up open source projects including the Open Smart Grid Platform. He is convinced that open source can help to make the energy grid more reliable, innovative, secure, flexible and sustainable, all resulting in a lower cost for society.

Jonas van den Bogaard
IT Architect
Smart Society Services

Jonas is IT architect at Smart Society Services. Jonas ensures the future-proof IT architecture of the Open Smart Grid Platform.

Peng Li
Project Manager of SCADA and EE R&D Team
Engie Green

Engie Green Peng Li has obtained his Master Degree from Tsinghua University, China in 2003 and Ph.D from Ecole Central de Lille, France in 2009. From then on, he works for Engie Green, a wind farm owner and operator in France, for SCADA system using IEC 61850, substation automation and electrical engineering projects

Frank R. Goodman
SDG&E Team Lead
San Diego Gas & Electric Company

Dr. Goodman is an SDG&E Team Lead. He has managed SDG&E’s R&D activities for 8.5 years. His career work has emphasized distributed energy resource integration, networked distribution automation, and development of renewable energy technologies. He had prior experience with EPRI, LA Water and Power, and lectureships at three universities. He holds BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering and an MBA. He has served on major standards groups, including officer roles in IEC 61850 and IEEE 1547. His work produced two R&D 100 awards and three patents. He is a registered Electrical Engineer, and regularly performs community service.

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