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2016 Attendee Testimonials

"Essential forum to enable free dissemination of industry progress along with the opportunity to feedback information between a diverse group of users/vendors."
Darren Griffin, Lead Engineer, Engineering Design & Standards - SP Energy Networks

"The conference has really expanded my knowledge of IEC 61850 which will allow me to inform my colleagues and assist our DNO/DSO based approach to outlining our smart network strategy."
Sean Stack, Substation Standard Engineer - UK Power Networks

"I feel that IEC 61850 Europe gave me a chance to step away from my daily work routine so I could improve my comprehension of the standard and get an update about projects being undertaken by utilities across Europe."
Mario Javorovic, Head of Process IT - HOPS

"The discussions and the use cases from this conference have provided me with a lot of new inspiring ideas."
Michael Knuchel, Project Manager, SAS - Swissgrid

"The conference gave revelation of what the next steps within IEC 61850 should be."
Berkan Kapkac, Substation Automation System Specialist - Vattenfall Distribution Nordic

"Just the right mixture of vendors and utilites."
Blaž Traven, Head of Secondary Systems - ELES

"A great chance to share experiences and solutions, and get a good overview of current & future developments."
Allan Wales, Distribution Systems Specialist - SP Energy Networks

"I was participating different conferences and IEC 61850 Europe is one of the best because you find speakers with good topics. You also find a good balance between standard, utilities & vendors."
Luka Mocnik, Process Automation Engineer - Elektro Gorenjska

"It’s a right moment to say that IEC 61850 is no longer a 'dream' but a mature industrial reality shown by the conference."
Peng Li, Project Manager of SCADA - Maia Eolis

"Gathered a lot of new information about IEC 61850 and also exchanged with experts from different companies such as utility, vendor and system integrator."
Chen Dehui, Division Chief for International Organization - State Grid Corporation of China

"IEC 61850 Europe 2016 conference is a great opportunity to exchange experiences with other utilities, get up to date on possibilities of products, and exchange information with standardising bodies. The conference covered the topics of integration to ED 2 and compatibility with ED 1 which are important information to utilities, it also provided us with new ideas on how to get the best from IEC 61850."
Ana Kekelj, Head of Power System Control Centres Section - HOPS

"IEC 61850 Europe 2016 provided an ideal possibility to get a thorough all round overview of the latest developments and projects in the IEC 61850 domain. The conference is the best place to meet the most experienced engineers in the field, exchange opinions and find new and innovative solutions for application."
Alexander Mazikas, Head Specialist - Elektrilevi OÜ

"The 61850 Europe 2016 was really a nice event to share the latest experiences that both venders and utilities are having in the IEC 61850 implementation. With a great panel of experts, great opportunity for networking, many interesting ideas during discussions, live demos, exhibition. It is also a great opportunity for the people that are involved in the standard production and improvement to get feedback from the ones that are missing 61850 and don’t belong to any technical committees of IEC."
Bruno Soares, Research Engineer - R&D Nester

"The conference provides the most recent updates about the standardisation and the real implementations and experiences with IEC 61850. The level of expertise is quite exceptional. Next to being very useful, it is also well organised and it has a regular place in my agenda."
Anton van der Burgt, Marketing Director - Xelas Energy

"Great utility speakers from around the world shared their 61850 experiences approaches and expectations, this is the most complete overview and insight you can get on IEC 61850."
Bas Kruimer, Senior Manager, Smart Grid Services - Accenture

"This is a great channel to stay up to date to hear experiences from different implementations and to get answers and new ideas."
Sami Lehtimäki, Advisor - Empower

"The conference encourages taking a more positive attitude towards the new technology applications on the market, great discussions and a good range of exhibitors & speakers."
Petri Koski, Senior Advisor - Empower

"Very informative and valuable to help get up to date about the state of the OT products and solutions, excellent for networking."
Frédéric Dunet, Regional Application Specialist, Protection, Measurement & Reclosers - OMICRON

"IEC 61850 is the standard to extend beyond the substation level and it will become the common reference standard across the whole smart grid."
Christos Koutsounis, Lead Systems Engineer - Powell UK

"Nice experience, with the best experts, 3 days to make 61850 flow."
Javier López Sarralde Application Engineer - ZIV

"Very good combination between experts, utilities, manufacturers & labs."
Jose Miguel Yarza Narro, Technology and R&D Head - ZIV

"Good to meet people outside the IEC 61850 WGs, meet with utility people."
Klaus-Peter Brand, Senior SA and IEC 61850 Expert - ABB

"Presentations were useful and informative, learning about experiences of all participants in the actual use and introduction of IEC 61850 was most valuable."
Marcus Smith, Solution Architect - Cisco

"One thing I have taken from IEC 61850 is that it is the right tools and processes that make IEC 61850 work."
Paul Shiel, Control Engineer - Brush Electrical Machines

"The networking moments were very productive specially Wednesday was very important for that, interesting debates after the presentations. The panel debates were also very useful to understand the difficulties that each participant must share as well as the answers and solutions of knowledge."
Rui Lourinhã, Senior Solutions Engineer - Novabase

"The conference attracts professionals and industry thought leaders from around the world"
Anthony Eshpeter, CTO - SUBNET

"Latest IEC 61850 news directly from the information sources."
Stjepan Sučić, Head of Department - Končar-KET

"Broad overview of the extent to which electrical utilities have implemented IEC 61850."
Micael Hellquist, Sales Manager - Megger

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